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Sam's Cell Phone

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*While on their way through Indiana, Sam calls Crowley from the car. He tells Crowley to find out through his Government mole if the President has a girlfriend or mistress or even a favourite hooker. Crowley seems to agree, since we don't see or hear him on this call, but Sam says, "Got it, alright." before he hangs up. He tells Dean and Castiel that Crowley and Rowena will meet them in Indianapolis.
====[[12.11 Regarding Dean]]====
* Sam is in a motel room when his phone rings. Then umber comes up on caller ID as unknown, because Dean is calling from a jogger's phone he borrowed. Annoyed, Sam inquires as to where Dean has been. Dean can't explain, but then says hes starving and rants about waffles to Sam. Sam can't get in a word edgewise, before Sam tells him to meet him at "Waldo's" and hangs up.
*Later at their motel room, Sam calls Rowena for help with Dean's situation. Rowena tease Sam about having her in his contacts and Sam moves on, explaining he thinks Dean has been hexed. They discuss possible symptoms and cures. When Rowena tells him theoretically, killing the witch should cure Dean, Sam says, "Alright" and hangs up.
*Once Sam penetrates the witches house, he calls Rowena and puts his phone away in his breast pocket so Rowena can hear what's going on and cast the spell to cure Dean. However instead, they hear Sam get attacked.

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