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Sam's Cell Phone

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*Dean leaves after he and Sam have an argument, leaving Sam sitting at the war room table in the bunker alone. Sam picks up his phone to see he has 6 new messages from Mary. He taps the screen, opening them, 5 are apologetic, but the newest one is urgently asking Sam to meet her.
====[[12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell]]====
*Just after Sam and Dean arrive back at the bunker after a case, Sam's phone chimes. He pulls out it and it shows a text from someone in his contacts called Frodo. The text lists the details of another case.
*When Sam and Dean arrive on the site of that new case, both are on their phones as the get out of the car. Dean tells Sam to, go first. Sam explains their mom just finished a case form the [[British Men of Letters]]. When Sam asks, "What about you, Dean explains that Castiel called to tell him someone is killing Angels again.
*Just after hanging up with Castiel, Sam's phone rings. The caller ID says Frodo, the same contact that messaged him earlier. He doesn't answer, but then has to face Dean with an explanation.

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