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Demon-Killing Knife

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===[[8.10 Torn and Frayed]]===
After [[Dean]] and [[Castiel]] find where [[Crowley]]'s holding [[SamandirielSamandriel]], they realize that Dean, the knife and Castiel won't be enough to rescue him and go to get the ingredients for the demon bomb.
During the attack, [[Dean]] kills a [[demon]] from behind that is strangling [[Sam]]. After finding [[Samandiriel]]Samandriel, Dean fights [[Viggo]] armed with the knife. Dean ultimately overpowers the demon, but after seeing an opening, kills the demon Sam's fighting instead. Viggo pleads for his life, claiming he knows things they need to know, but Dean, after pretending to agree, stabs him with Ruby's knife, killing him.
===[[8.12 As Time Goes By]]===

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