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Sam's Cell Phone

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*Just after hanging up with Castiel, Sam's phone rings. The caller ID says Frodo, the same contact that messaged him earlier. He doesn't answer, but then has to face Dean with an explanation. They argue over the fact that Sam is in contact with the [[British Men of Letters]]. When Sam's phone rings again, this time he admits is [[Mick Davies]] and Dean tells him, "Pick it up." Sam does, says, "This is Sam" and the episode ends.
====[[12.17 The British Invasion]]====
*While Dean drives, Sam video chats with [[Eileen Leahy]] about the case. She tells Sam to check his phone, right as it vibrates. When he pulls it out of his pocket, he exclaims about security photos. We see him flip through a few showing [[Dagon]] and [[Kelly Klein]].
* While waitnig waiting with Eileen for [[Mick Davies]] to arrive, Sam places a fake phone call to Kelly Kline, pretending he's from the doctor's office she visited and asking her to return for additional testing. 
====[[12.178 The Memory Remains]]====

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