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Sam's Cell Phone

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====[[12.17 The British Invasion]]====
*While Dean drives, Sam video chats with [[Eileen Leahy]] about the case. She tells Sam to check his phone, right as it vibrates. When he pulls it out of his pocket, he exclaims about security photos. We see him flip through a few showing [[Dagon]] and [[Kelly KleinKline]].
* While waiting with Eileen for [[Mick Davies]] to arrive, Sam places a fake phone call to Kelly Kline, pretending he's from the doctor's office she visited and asking her to return for additional testing.
====[[12.178 18 The Memory Remains]]====
* While Sam and Dean are discussing the case at the local diner, Sam get s a text from "Frodo". He still believes they are coming from Mick, and says so aloud to Dean. The messages says, "Just checking in." Sam replies, "Fine. Working the case."
* After the case is solved and the boys are back at the bunker, Sam tries to call Mick to debrief. They are surprised when [[Arthur Ketch]] answers instead and Sam asks. "Where's Mick?" Ketch tells them that Mick flew back to London and that he has a lot to answer for, then shares Dean's distaste for working together. He makes a comment about how he'd rather be with their mother, which seems like a double entendre. They debrief the case in about 2 sentences and then Mick says they'll be in touch and hangs up.

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