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Sam's Cell Phone

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* While Sam and Dean are discussing the case at the local diner, Sam get s a text from "Frodo". He still believes they are coming from Mick, and says so aloud to Dean. The messages says, "Just checking in." Sam replies, "Fine. Working the case."
* After the case is solved and the boys are back at the bunker, Sam tries to call Mick to debrief. They are surprised when [[Arthur Ketch]] answers instead and Sam asks. , "Where's Mick?" Ketch tells them that Mick flew back to London and that he has a lot to answer for, then shares Dean's distaste for working together. He makes a comment about how he'd rather be with their mother, which seems like a double entendre. They debrief the case in about 2 sentences and then Mick says they'll be in touch and hangs up.

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