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Jack Kline

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Jack is the [[Nephilim]] son of [[Kelly Kline]] and [[Lucifer]]. He was conceived when Lucifer inhabited the body of [[President Jefferson Rooney]], with whom Kelly was having a relationship. [[Angels]] believe that Nephilim's are abominations that can destroy worlds, ; with Jack being the son of Lucifer, it is believed he will also be a force of great evil. However, after the Nephilim, while in utero, gives Castiel a glimpse of the future, Castiel believes Jack will bring peace and paradise to Earth.
===[[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]]===
While [[Sam]], [[Dean]] , and [[Castiel]] deal with [[Lucifer]], [[Kelly Kline]] finally gives birth to Jack in an explosion of light that renders [[Mary]] unconscious. When Sam notices the light coming from the home, he goes to check on Kelly, only to find her lying dead in her bed. When he hears a noise, he goes to investigate where he . He notices foot prints footprints leading to Jack's nursery, where he finds an already adult -looking Jack huddled in the corner, smiling as his eyes glow gold.
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