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12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

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|outline= When a [[hellhound]] goes rogue and begins stalking a woman who hasn't made a deal, [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] team up with [[Crowley]] to kill it.
|motw= [[Hellhound]]
|timeline= Two weeks after [[12.14 The Raid]]Late March 2017
|location= Sheridan County, Nebraska<br>Lebanon, Kansas<br>Fall River, Massachusetts<br>Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
|prevep= 12.14 The Raid
|nextep= 12.16 Ladies Drink Free
In Sheridan County, Nebraska, a young couple is camping out in the forest. The young girl, [[Gwen Hernandez]], is going off to vet school soon and they'll be apart. Her boyfriend, Marcus, is confident they'll be able to maintain a long distance relationship and is secretly planning to propose to her; Gwen seems less than thrilled about continuing their relationship. While off gathering firewood, he is attacked by some kind of an invisible dog and killed. The dog comes after Gwen and has her trapped on her back; she grabs an axe and injures it badly, giving her a chance to run back to town.
The boys arrive back home from working several cases in a row and [[Dean]] is an absolute mess, wearing all kinds of monster bits all over him and smelling like fresh roadkill. He is admiring a bat wrapped with barbed wire that he claimed that [[John Winchester|John]] loved to use. They get another case from a supposed computer algorithm that [[Sam]] has made that calculates cases for them to take. Dean is ready to run out again but Sam tells him he better wash up because he smells terrible.
[[Castiel]] is in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, investigating the killing of angels as well as looking for [[Kelly Kline]]. A tabloid paper has reported on the angel attack that brought [[Dagon]] to Kelly's side and blamed the whole thing on aliens. He goes inside the restaurant to meet the owner, Herb Nelson, who takes him into a private bunker that he has set up in the back. Nelson tells Cas he's "woke" and believes his waitress was attacked by "reptilians". He shows Cas a video of the attack; Dagon's yellow eyes are clearly visible.
Upon leaving the restaurant, Cas encounters [[Kelvin]], an angel he has met once before. Kelvin attempts to convince Cas to return to Heaven; [[Joshua]] has a plan to deal with [[Lucifer]]'s child, and it's an "all hands on deck" situation. He promises that, if Castiel hears them out and assists in the fight, he will be forgiven and welcomed back by his real family in Heaven.
Down in Hell the Needham Asylum, [[Crowley]] has Lucifer tied to a chair with iron chains. He spends some time gloating over Lucifer's imprisonment and promises to pay him back harshly for the way Crowley was treated. He is interrupted by two of his demons demanding his attention on a long list of crossroads deals that require approval and other petty management issues. While he is in the middle of seeing to this boring business, Crowley gets a call from Dean asking him why a hellhound would be attacking someone who has not sold their soul. Crowley realizes that [[Ramsey]], Lucifer’s hellhound, has escaped from Hell's kennel. He appears in Gwen's house, effectively ending the phone call.
In Crowley's absence, the two demons who had been meeting with him about crossroads deals sneak into the locked room where Lucifer is chained. They reveal that they were the ones who set Ramsey free to create a distraction so they could see what Crowley was hiding. After making Lucifer agree to their whims and demands, they unlock the chains and set him free. He immediately vaporizes them.
Sam, Dean, Gwen, and Crowley drive to the park where the attack occurred. They pull their [[hellhound glasses]] out of the trunk and put them on. Sam and Gwen stay with the [[Impala]] while Dean and Crowley go into the woods to look for Ramsey. They banter about how they’ve each changed over the years, and Dean thanks Crowley for saving Cas's life. Sam and Gwen drive along the highway, trying to stay moving and avoid the hellhound. She blames herself for what happened to her boyfriend; she went camping with him even though she knew the relationship was over. She regrets not being honest with him and is wracked with guilt. She becomes so upset that she has to ask Sam to pull over. As the two are about to drive off again Sam sees Ramsey directly in front of the car. The hellhound jumps onto the car, denting the hood and smashing the windshield. Sam grabs the demon knife and tells Gwenl to stay in the car. He gets out and Ramsey attacks. The hellhound get Sam on his back and the glasses are knocked away. Gwen bashes the beast with the [[green cooler]], knocking it off of Sam. Ramsey makes one final charge during which Sam stabs her and kills her. The group reconvenes at the car and sees the hound has been defeated. After all of their efforts, Gwen thanks Crowley with a hug and he disappears. Dean sees [[Impala|Baby’s]] condition and is not happy.
In Hellthe throne room, Crowley finds Lucifer sitting comfortably on the throne. Lucifer displays his wings and full glory and attempts to smite Crowley, but with a snap of Crowley's fingers Lucifer is powered down and defenseless. Crowley reveals that the iron chains were irrelevant; every molecule of his vessel has been warded with the spells and runes from [[the Cage]] -- Lucifer is utterly under Crowley's power.
The boys arrive home and are talking to Cas on the phone; he reveals that Kelly is now under Dagon's care. After ending the call, Dean remarks that he'd sounded odd. Meanwhile, Castiel is on his way back to Heaven with Kelvin. Sam’s phone goes off with another case. When Dean asks for details, Sam admits that there is no case-finding computer algorithm -- all the cases they’ve been working had been found by the [[British Men of Letters]]. Sam apologizes for not telling the truth sooner but rationalizes his choice because they get results like the death of the [[Alpha Vampire]]. Dean reluctantly agrees to support Sam's decision, commenting on how they've worked with the bad guys before for the greater good, but he insists that the moment anything about working with the Brits seems off, they will bail. Sam agrees to his condition before getting another call from Mick.
* [[Castiel's Pickup Truck]]
* [[Costumes & Disguises]]
* [[Crowley's LairCujo]]
* [[Green Cooler]]
* [[Hellhound]]
* [[Men of Letters Bunker]]
* [[Metatron's Cube]]
* [[Needham Asylum]]
* [[Nicknames]]
* [[Playground]]
* [[Portal]]
* [[Table of Death]]
* [[Weekly World News]]
'''Dean:''' A beautiful, beautiful woman.<br>
'''Sam:''' I'm done.<br>
'''Dean:''' Sam...<br>'''Crowley:''' ...Ew.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Herb:''' And I-I got proof. Um... You know... Ah. See? Most sheeple can't handle the truth. But not me. I'm woke. It's, uh... why I don't use, uh, new tech. Anything past '96, it's a trap. You know... PalmPilot. It's more like Tracking Device. Am I right?
:'''Sheeple' is an informal word for easily influenced people who "obey authority like livestock." The [ PalmPilot] was a brand of handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) popular in the '90s.''
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dean:''' I mean, a few years ago, who'd have thought you'd be helping us save the girl of the week?
:''This is a meta comment referring to the victims that the Winchesters save using a phrase used to refer to the victim of the week in TV episodes.''
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Crowley:''' : I do. But you, in -- in those chains? I mean, forgive me if I'm not quaking in my Testonis.
:''"Testonis" is a reference to A. Testoni, a brand of high-end shoes for men and women.''
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
[ Gabe Khouth], who played Herb Nelson, previously played Lester Young in [[7.12 Time After Time]].
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
One of the covers of Weekly World News from [[2.15 Tall Tales]] can be seen on Herb Nelson's wall. The article is titled "An Alien Made Me Its Love Slave."

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