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[[Image:4.04 In The Beginning Promo.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Three generations of hunters have dinner in [[4.03 In the Beginning]].]]
Hunters are people who are somehow involved with the world of the supernatural. They may be actively hunting, like [[Dean]] and [[Sam Winchester]] or involved in other activities such as research or weapons supply. According to Samuel Campbell, the Winchesters had ancestors "hacking the heads of vamps on the Mayflower," dating their existence back to the 17th century and possibly further. [[Mick Davies]] mentioned that monks like [ Martin Luther] were among the earliest Hunters, meaning that the existence of Hunters date as far back as the 15th century.
* [[Wally]]
* [[Pierce Moncrieff]]
* Martin Luther (Mentioned by Mick Davies in [[12.16 Ladies Drink Free]])
* [[Claire Novak]]
* [[Eileen Leahy]]
* [[Tasha Banes]]

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