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The Colt

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[[File:Devil'sGate222.jpg|right|thumb|350px|The Gate to [[Hell]] is locked with a [[devil's trap]] opened by the Colt.]]
===[[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]===
The Yellow-Eyed Demon gives the Colt to [[Jake Talley]] in order to open the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]]. After making his way to [[Fossil Butte Cemetery]], Jake succeeds in opening the gate by threatening [[Ellen]]'s life, but after Sam kills him, [[Dean]] retrieves the Colt from the crypt door. The Yellow-Eyed Demon shows up and takes the Colt from Dean, but after John's spirit distracts the demon by ripping him out of his [[meatsuit]], Dean grabs the Colt back and shoots Azazel in the heart with the last bullet just as he returns to his host, finally killing him. [[Bobby]] and Ellen were later able to seal the [[Devil's Gate in WyomingHell Gates|devil's gate]] before any more demons or spirits could escape.
===[[3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock]]===

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