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11.23 Alpha and Omega
===[[11.23 Alpha and Omega]]===
:''"I— Even after everything she's done, Amara's still my sister. She's my family. I can't— I don't want to see her dead, but... I understand."''
After leaving the power plane, they discover that the Sun is dying because God is dying. God, weakened by Amara's attack, tells them that she is the only one who can save him and that the disruption in the Cosmic Balance will destroy everything. He teleports everyone back to the Bunker where everyone almost everyone seems to have given up. God appears to be forming a bond with Rowena. Sam berates everyone about doing nothing while Amara is destroying the Sun and decides that since they can no longer imprison her, they have to kill her. He reveals that the Darkness has one weakness; light. The amount of light it would take to destroy her would be 10,000 supernovas in one strike. [[Castiel]] tells them that the energy in souls is equal to 100 suns. Rowena believes that with enough souls, she can build a bomb that should destroy her. Sam and Dean head over to Waverly Hills Sanitarium to collect the souls of Vengeful Spirits, but they are followed back to the Bunker by [[Billie]]. She decides to help them get all the souls they need by raiding [[the Veil]]. After collecting a few hundred thousand souls into [[Soul Bomb|a crystal]], Rowena channels that energy into Dean since he is the only one with a personal connection to Amara. They all visit Mary's grave in Greensville, Illinois before sending Dean to Amara, who is located in Louisville, Kentuckya park watching the Sun dying. God tells them that despite everything, Amara is still his sister. After saying goodbye to everyone, God sends Dean to Amara.
God and everyone else wait in a bar called The Lazy Shag for Dean to finish off the Darkness. Dean tells her about how God doesn't want her dead and that despite everything, she needs her brother, just like he needs Sam. Dean tells her to put aside her hatred for him and ask herself what she really wants. She summoned God when Sam went to get him water and tells him about how she hated him for wanting something else that wasn't her. She finally realizes that what God made is beautiful and tells him that she wants them to be a family again. Chuck says that he wants the same thing and the hold hands, and their combined power restored the Sun. Amara heals Chuck of all his wounds and they decided to have a family meeting. God takes the bomb out of Dean and tells him that Earth will be fine as long as it has him and Sam. Amara thanks Dean for giving her what she needed most and telling her that she wants to do the same for him. Both God and Amara disappear in columns of light and darkness.

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