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Sam's Cell Phone

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*As the boys and Mary discuss that Lucifer is back, Sam mentions they will need Rowena, since she's the one who can put him back in his cage. He tries to call her, but Lucifer answers her phone. Sam's breath catches and Dean asks what, leading to Sam putting Lucifer on speakerphone. He monologues about how he's dispatched Rowena. When Lucifer asks if they know where Castiel is, Sam tells him to, "go to hell." Lucifer continues to go on about how he's indestructible and the boys can't beat him, then hangs up.
===Season Thirteen===
====[[13.01 Lost and Found]]====
*After speaking to the employee in Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats, Sam takes out his phone and calls the local police department. He tells her he is Agent Barry calling with the FBI and asks if she picked up Jack. When she confirms she has him, he tells her to hold onto him until he can arrive. She exclaims as his fingerprint comes up on screen, prompting Sam to ask her if something's wrong. She tells him they should talk about it in person and they hang up as Sam approaches Dean and the Impala.

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