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Jack Kline

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Castiel and Kelly prepare for the Nephilim to be born by renting a house in North Cove, Washington, purchasing a truckload of diapers, and preparing its room. Kelly even gives him a name: Jack. She makes a video for Jack to watch after she dies, telling him how much she loves him. When she feels a contraction, she unknowingly releases a bit of the Nephilim's energy, which makes a rift to an [[Alternate Universe]].
While Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Crowley deal with Lucifer, Kelly finally gives birth to Jack in an explosion of light that renders [[Mary]] unconscious. When Sam notices the light coming from the home, he goes to check on Kelly, only to find her lying dead in her bed. Hearing a noise, Sam goes to investigate. He sees footprints scorched into the floor leading to Jack's nursery, where he finds an already adult-looking Jack huddled in the corner, smiling sinisterly as his eyes glow gold. ===[[13.01 Lost and Found]]===Sam tries and talk to Jack, who questions if he is his father. Sam tells Jack he is not his father, and attempts to speak with Jack when Dean arrives and shoots Jack, narrowly missing him. Jack soon becomes angry and in self defense begins screaming, causing a pulse of energy to emanate from his body that blows out all the windows in the house and freezes Sam and Dean in the air, before jettisoning them back into the wall, knocking them unconscious. Jack soon leaves the house and wanders the woods until he comes across a Pirate Pete's Jolly Treats, and questions the drive through for his father. Seeing that he is naked and confused, an employee, [[Clark Barker]], calls his mother, [[Sheriff Christine Barker]] to deal with the situation. Sheriff Barker arrives to find Jack still standing in the parking lot, seeing the sheriff's gun, Jack initially takes a defensive stance, until Sheriff Barker assures him she only wants to help him.  At the Sheriff's Department, a now fully clothed Jack begins absorbing his new surroundings, while Sheriff Barker tries to get information out of him. Jack is only able to tell her that his mother is in Heaven and that he is looking for his father. Jack is then fingerprinted, and sits with Clark who wonders what Jack is on, Jack tells him he isn't stoned, but that he is hungry. Clark takes Jack to the break room, where Jack tests out a new power, that allows him to get free food from the vending machines, of which he becomes a big fan of nougat. Soon after showing this ability to Sheriff Barker, Jack begins picking up [[angel radio]], which causes him great discomfort, when Sheriff Barker tries to stop him from leaving, Jack loses control and sends Sheriff Barker flying into the vending machines. As he tries to leave the station, he comes face to face with Dean, but before Jack can do anything Sam hits him with a stun gun, rendering Jack unconscious. Sam and Jack are placed in a holding cell, while Dean explains the situation to the sheriff. When Jack comes to, Sam apologizes to Jack and explains he didn't want to hurt him. Jack tells Sam he was scared of the voices he was hearing, which caused him to lose control. Jack tells Sam that he doesn't know if he can open another rift, and that he needs to find his father, who will protect him. When Sam tells him Lucifer doesn't do that, Jack corrects him and tells him that Castiel is his father, due to his mother telling him that Castiel will keep him safe. He also explains that through his mother, he knew the world was dangerous and chose to mature into adulthood to protect himself. A trio of angels lead by [[Miriam]] arrive at the station, two of the angels are able to locate Jack in the holding cell area. When they try to take him, a fight ensues, ending with Sam [[Angel Banishing Sigil|banishing]] them. Miriam enters the holding cell area, but is soon flanked by Sam and Dean. Feigning that she is giving up, she tells Sam that if the angels can't have him, no one will and drives her [[angel blade]] into Jack's heart. After Sam kills her in retaliation, Jack drops to his knees and pulls the blade from his chest, with no effect to Sam and Dean's shock. In the aftermath, Sam and Dean decide to take Jack with them back to the [[Men of Letters Bunker]], but before going home, the trio go and give Castiel and Kelly and [[Hunter's Funeral Pyre|funeral pyre]].

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