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The Colt

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The Five Things
===The Five Things===
[[Lucifer]] says that there are only five things in all of creation that can't be killed by the Colt and that he is one of them. There's no definite answer whether or not [[Eve]] can be killed by the Colt. [[Death]] could be more powerful than the [[archangels]] since in the end he would reap [[God]] and he told [[Dean]] that he existed at least as long as God, possibly more, but neither one of them can remember exactly how long anymore. The other 3 Horsemen: [[Famine]], [[Pestilence]] and [[War]]: are immortal, but powerless without their rings unlike their brother Death who is the ultimate [[reaper]]. The only way the other three Horsemen were stopped was by cutting off their rings, but they did not die. Therefore, there's reason to believe the Colt can't kill them. However, there might be a reason to separate Death and the Horsemen since they are on different power levels. If this is true, then Eve can be killed by the Colt, since the Horsemen are older and bump her off the list. Since Death is the only [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse|Horseman of the Apocalypse]] who doesn't actually need his ring, it stands to reason that Death is immune to the Colt while the other three Horsemen are not. Another question is that could the Colt kill [[Cain]]? He was the one with [[the First Blade]] and the [[Mark of Cain]] which evidently renders the bearer immortal. If the user dies, it comes back as a [[Knight of Hell]]. The First Blade killed Cain. If Cain cannot be killed with the Colt, then it could be because he was either Adam and Eve's firstborn son or because he was the holder of the Mark of Cain, as he was made into a Knight after the [[Princes of Hell]] were made, who are susceptible to the Colt like [[Azazel]]. Since the Princes existed before him, it proves that Cain can be killed by the Colt. The [[Alpha Vampire]] told [[Sam]] that "there are five creatures on this Earth that gun cannot kill" and tried to pass of that he was one of them, but Sam doesn't believe him and eventually kills him. It confirms that the five things that the Colt cannot kill are five individual creatures rather than five specific species of monsters. Since Lucifer was unaffected by the Colt, it points out that Michael can't be killed by it either and it was previously stated that both Michael and Lucifer appear to be on different power levels than Gabriel and Raphael. It raises the question if Gabriel and Raphael are susceptible to the Colt, but since both archangels were trapped in a ring of [[holy fire]] which had to be extinguished by water to release them and Lucifer was trapped in a ring of holy fire that extinguished itself, despite the warding used to trap him and the fact that Michael was molotov cocktailed by [[Castiel]] with a flaming bottle filled with holy fire and survived, it shows that Gabriel and Raphael may be somewhat weaker than Michael and Lucifer, presenting the possibility that they could be killed by the Colt. It is unknown if the Colt is capable of killing the [[Cosmic Entity]], but it is implied that since it has existed outside of Creation before God and Amara, it cannot be classified as one of the five creatures as they exist within Creationwhile the Cosmic Entity exists within [[the Empty]].
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