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The Colt

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|[[File: The Colt Resurfaces.png|342px|thumb|rightcenter|The Colt]]|[[File:Non Timebo Mala.png|342px|thumb|rightcenter|The Latin inscription: "I will fear no evil."]]|[[File:Colt Barrel.png|342px|thumb|rightcenter|Decorative etching on the barrel of the Colt.]]
|[[File:Colt Pentagram.png|342px|thumb|rightcenter|The [[pentagram]] on the handle of the gun.]]|[[File:Colt Hammer.png|342px|thumb|rightcenter|The decorative pattern of the hammer.]]|[[File:Colt Trigger.png|342px|thumb|rightcenter|The trigger is released after the hammer is cocked.]]

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