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Demon-Killing Knife

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8.12 As Time Goes By
===[[8.12 As Time Goes By]]===
When facing the [[demon]] [[Abaddon]], [[Dean]] stabs her in the back with the knife, but while it hurts her, like with [[Alastair]] it doesn't kill her. However, the distraction allows [[Sam]], Dean and their grandfather [[Henry Winchester]] to escape.
When [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] wonder why the knife didn't work, Henry tells them that normal knives wouldn't and that they would need an "ancient demon-killing knife of the Kurds." When Dean shows him the knife, Henry is surprised and asks where they got one and Dean tells him from [[Ruby|a demon]]. Presumably Later, they discover that the knife didn't work as [[Abaddon]] is a [[Knights of Hell|Knight of Hell]] and one of the first demons ever created.
===[[8.14 Trial and Error]]===

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