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Angel Blade

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While hunting for [[Jack Kline]] in order to gain access to his power, [[Miriam]] uses her angel blade to hold [[Clark Barker]] hostage. Miriam demands that [[Sheriff Christine Barker]] kill Dean in exchange for her son's release, but stabs him in the side instead when Conrad informs her that they have found Jack. In the fight that follows, Dean disarms Miriam of her angel blade and holds it to her throat before she breaks free and takes it back.
At the same time, after beating up [[Sam]], Conrad draws his angel blade as he prepares to leave with Lily and Jack. Sam is able to use an [[angel banishing sigil]] to banish Conrad and Lily, resulting in Conrad's angel blade being left behind and falling to the ground. As Miriam enters, Sam grabs the fallen angel blade and threatens her to leave Jack alone. Surrounded by the Winchesters, Miriam holds out her blade in an apparent surrender before stabbing Jack in the heart with it. Sam then kills Miriam with Conrad's angel blade.
After Miriam's death, Jack removes the angel blade and is completely unharmed to the Winchesters' shock.
===[[13.02 The Rising Son]]===
As the [[demon]] Sierra attacks [[Dean]], Sam stabs him through the heart from behind with an angel blade, killing Sierra.
In the hallway outside, the Winchesters find the demon Harrington attacking the [[prophet]] [[Donatello Redfield]]. Unable to reach Harrington in time, Dean flings his angel blade at Harrington like a throwing knife, impaling him through the neck and killing Harrington. Dean's move of throwing the angel blade in such a manner is shown to deeply impress Sam and Donatello.
===[[13.09 The Bad Place]]===
[[File:AngelWings-1309.png|350px|right|thumb|An angel blade melted into the ground.]]
After [[Kaia Nieves]] is abducted by a pair of angels, Sam, Dean and Jack get her location and are able to get the jump on one the angels, taking him at blade point. When Jack refuses to leave with the angels, the male angel is able to break free and take back his blade, while the female angel produces one from her sleeve. In the ensuing fight, Jack hits the female angel with a blast of celestial energy, suspending her in the air and throwing her back, losing her blade. The male angel gets his blade back, but is stopped by Jack who forces him to stab himself with his blade.
The female angel soon returns with a contingent of six other angels, who pursue the Winchester, Jack and Kaia into an abandoned ship. As Sam has placed [[warding sigils]] in the ship, the angels can not enter. In unison, the six angels drop to one knee with their blade points to the ground and begin begin pounding energy into the ground to alter the sigils. When Kaia and Jack cause a blast of energy opening a portal to [[Apocalypse World]], the angels are all disintegrated with their blades having been melted into the ground.
When Sam and Dean wake up in [[the Bad Place]], they are only equip with a pair of angel blades.

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