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===[[7.16 Out with the Old]]===
When confronting [[Joyce Bicklebee]] and her assistant [[George]], in the ensuing fight, Joyce grabs Dean and throws him into a glass cabinet, while George throws Sam over a desk. As Sam tries to defend himself with punches, George grabs Sam around the throat and clues him to the bucket of borax next to them. He tells Sam to dunk his head into it before Joyce sees them talking. Joyce throws Dean onto a table, which breaks as Sam dunks George's head in the bucket. The sight of George's half burned off face, with exposed skull disgusts Joyce, who throws Dean into some glass doors. George alerts Sam to a sword in a display cabinet, and as Joyce advances on Dean, Sam is able to sneak behind her and decapitate Joyce.
===[[7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo]]===
When [[Charlie Bradbury]] is given [[Frank Deveraux]]'s hard drive to hack, she finds a file on Leviathan's and learns what borax will do to them. After witnessing the Leviathan [[Terrell]] shapeshift and eat her superior, [[Pete]], Charlie flees to her apartment where she is met by Sam and Dean. To prove to her that they are not Leviathans, they pour borax onto their arms, assuages Charlie's fear when they do not begin to burn. Dean in turn, pours borax on Charlie's hand to prove that she is human.
===[[7Learning that Dick is having a package delivered from a excavation site in Iran, and will have 42 minutes to intercept the package at the airport. Sam, Dean and Charlie formulate a plan, and successfully switch out the briefcase with one containing a bottle of Power Clean rigged with explosives, creating a borax bomb. When Dick receives the briefcase and opens it, his look of self-satisfaction quickly turns to confusion as the borax bomb counts down and explodes.20 The Girl explosion causes a Leviathan bodyguard to have the lower portion of his face to melt, lying prone on the floor, Dick casually walks over him, with burns on his face orders the Dungeons building locked down. With Charlie trapped in the building Pete begins stomping towards, but is knocked down by Bobby who inadvertently sends him into Charlie, breaking her arm. Sam and Dragons Tattoo]]===Dean proceed to crash through the glass doors, and upon Charlie telling them Pete is a Leviathan, Dean throws a jar of borax into his face, causing him to collapse in pain..
===[[7.22 There Will Be Blood]]===
While trying to get the blood of the [[Alpha Vampire]] for their weapon against Dick, Sam and Dean attempt to persuade the Alpha Vampire that the Leviathan's are the ones poisoning the vampires. When news that Edgar has arrived to his residence arrives, Dean tells the Alpha Vampire that they will need soap or cleansers, anything with borax in it, only to have the Alpha Vampire order his children to lock Sam and Dean up in his study.
While speaking with Edgar, the Alpha Vampire questions him about the side effects of the Leviathan additive, which Edgar answers with indifference, telling him he wants the Alpha and his children to burn. Revealing that the additive kills wolves, shapeshifters, anything with a taste for human flesh. Angry, the Alpha Vampire tells Edgar "they" come from "them" and that he is a son of Eve, all which Edgar belittles as the other monsters being nothing but mutts and that Eve was a whore. Edgar's insult to his mother, causes the Alpha to bare his fangs and lunge at Edgar, sending him into the wall. Grabbing a chilled bucket from the table, he splashes it onto Edgar, causes his flesh to burn from the borax. The effects are short, however, as Edgar is able to straighten up and attack the Alpha Vampire. As Edgar's face transforms, he is quickly decapitated by Sam.
===[[7.23 Survival of the Fittest]]===

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