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[[File:ChetBorax.jpg|thumb|right|350px|[[Chet]]'s body after prolonged exposure to borax.]]
===[[7.06 Slash Fiction]]===
As [[Bobby]] is testing out various methods to kill the [[Leviathan]] [[Chet]], frustrated that nothing appears to work, Chet begins mocking Bobby telling him how he plans on eating him. As Bobby raises his macheteto strike, when several drops of a liquid fall from the ceiling onto Chet's arm and burn his skin, causing Chet to panic and plead for Bobby to get it off of him. The skin on Chet's arm turns yellow, then black, and black steam rises. Another drop falls and Chet's arm continues to burn, causing more pain. Another drop falls onto Chet's face is now also burning and a large patch on his arm is black, until Bobby decapitates Chet once more. Bobby rushes upstairs to find the cause of the acidic effect on Chet, to find [[Jody Mills]], who had been scrubbing the floor and knocked over a bucket containing borax in the cleaning solution. With this information, Bobby places a call to [[Dean]] and informs him to use anything with sodium borate -- any soaps or laundry powder with "borax" on the label.
Dean has [[Sheriff Osborne]] locate cleaning supplies with borax. In a fight with [[Leviathan!Sam]], Sheriff Osborne throws a bucket of borax onto the Leviathan, allowing Dean to decapitate it with a fire ax. Dean and the sheriff then rush to the interrogation room, where [[Leviathan!Dean]] is preparing to eat [[Sam]], when Dean bursts into the room, flings liquid at the Leviathan and cuts off his head with the ax.

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