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13.11 Breakdown

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'''Dean:''' Breaker, breaker 1-9, this is 67, the Midnight Rider. Looking for the 4-1-1 on my Alice in Wonderland.
:''[[Dean]] is speaking in the shorthand used by CB radio users. "Breaker, breaker 1-9" indicates Dean is about to broadcast on Channel 19 which is known as the trucker channel. "67, the Midnight Rider" is Dean's handle or name, referencing the year of the [[Impala]] 1967 and the song [ "Midnight Rider"] by the Allman Brothers Band. "411" means information. “Alice in Wonderland” is someone who is lost."
Later we also hear :<br>
'''Felix:''' Breaker, breaker Midnight Rider, Felix the Cat here.
:''This is the trucker Felix who's handle is "Felix the Cat". [ Felix the Cat] is an animated cat, the first cartoon superstar who originated in 1919.''

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