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Angel Blade

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|[[File:DeanKillsZach.jpg|thumb|350px|[[Dean]] stabs [[Zachariah]] with an angel blade.]]
|[[File:Zachdead.png|thumb|350px|The death of [[Zachariah]].]]
===[[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]]===
After casting a blood spell on [[Gabriel]] to bind him to her, [[Kali]] takes what she believes to be Gabriel's blade and stabs him with it, killing him. However, this is merely a trick on Gabriel's part as he is still alive and hiding in the [[Impala]], having given her a fake "made out of a can of diet orange Slice." Despite the trick, he does confirm that the blade of an [[archangel]] can kill him and [[Lucifer]]. Gabriel confronts his brother with the blade to buy [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] time to escape the [[Elysian Fields Hotel]] with Kali, but is himself killed (for real this time) when Lucifer turns it on him.
|[[File:HOTG Kali Archangel Blade.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Kali]] steals [[Gabriel|Gabriel's]] Archangel Blade]]
|[[File:GabrielDead.jpg|350px|thumb|left|350px|Gabriel's death after confronting [[Lucifer]].]]
In the hallway outside, the Winchesters find the demon Harrington attacking the [[prophet]] [[Donatello Redfield]]. Unable to reach Harrington in time, Dean flings his angel blade at Harrington like a throwing knife, impaling him through the neck and killing Harrington. Dean's move of throwing the angel blade in such a manner is shown to deeply impress Sam and Donatello.
===[[13.07 War of the Worlds]]===
[[Kevin Tran (Apocalypse World)|Kevin]] explains that [[grace|archangel grace]] is required to use a spell from the [[angel tablet]] to open an interdimensional rift, prompting [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] to use an angel blade to perform a small incision on [[Lucifer]]'s throat, allowing him to siphon off the majority of his grace to use in his [[Spells#Rift_Opening_Spell|rift opening spell]].
===[[13.09 The Bad Place]]===

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