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13.11 Breakdown

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[[Wendy Hanscum]] stops for gas at Manny’s Truck Stop Café outside Oshkosh, Nebraska. The pump is not reading her card so she goes inside to the unsettling stares of the few truck stop patrons and the cashier. After filling her car, she turns to find a vagrant who offers to clean her windshield. Frightened, she refuses and drives away. Finding herself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, she tries to flag down a passing trucker but fails. Instead, a [[The HarvesterCarver|large man]] in a leather hood and welding goggles grabs her and drags her away screaming.
[[Sam]] lays pensive and quiet in his bed as we see time pass on the clock. [[Dean]] knocks on the door to offer pancakes but he does not reply. Sam gets a call from [[Sheriff Donna Hanscum]] which gets him out of bed. Donna has called the boys for help with a case that is not their normal thing -- Donna’s niece Wendy is missing and the Winchesters immediately hit the road to help. Sam and Dean meet up with Donna at an impound lot and she fills them in on what little she knows about her niece’s disappearance. [[Officer Doug Stover]] has accompanied Donna and Dean heads inside to check in with Doug but is met by an angry FBI agent, [[Agent Terrance Clegg]]. When questioned about which office he is from, Dean admits he is there because the victim was family, much to Doug’s surprise. Agent Clegg, sympathizing with the situation, shows everyone the information he has gathered on the serial abductor he calls “the Butterfly.” Sam seems reluctant to help but Dean says they’re in.
At an abandoned factory, the group separates and Doug hangs back to watch Marlon. Dean and Donna search for the source of music only to find a decoy radio at a dead end. Marlon talks to Doug about monsters and reveals that he is a [[vampire]]. Flashing his fangs, Marlon easily breaks free from his handcuffs and attacks Doug. After overpowering him, Marlon fills Doug’s mouth with vampire blood and runs off. Sam, joined by Agent Clegg outside, hears the fight between Doug and Marlon. Just as they are ready to burst in to help, Clegg knocks Sam out. Dean and Donna arrive to find Doug lying on the floor. Realizing he's been turned, Doug quickly attacks Donna. As Donna struggles to hold Doug back, Dean hits him with some [[dead man’s blood]], rendering him unconscious. Dean reveals to Donna that they can [[Vampire Cure|cure]] Doug, but they need Marlon's blood. When Marlon returns to finish them off, Donna shoots him in the knee. Threatening Marlon with a slow death, Donna is able to get him to reveal that Clegg is behind the abductions and that he has Sam.
Sam is strapped to a table and the Harvester Carver and Clegg are getting set up for a new auction. As he prepares, Clegg informs Sam that there are hundreds of thousands of monsters out there and Sam and Dean can’t stop them. He says most monsters are as normal as your next-door neighbor and they need to eat. En route, Donna administers the cure to Doug and the two leave him in the [[Impala]] as she and Dean enter another building. Donna finds Wendy but is quickly attacked by the HarvesterCarver. She stabs the man after a short fight and frees her bewildered niece. Clegg has auctioned Sam Winchester’s heart for $500K and knowing Dean is in the area, he says he needs to kill Sam quickly. Dean shoots him before he succeeds.
Doug regains consciousness and Dean invites him to join them hunting but Doug says no, telling everyone he isn't meant for this kind of life. Devastated, Doug tells Donna that she is a hero but that’s not him and leaves. When Donna tries to go after him Sam stops her, telling her Doug will be safer without her. On the ride home Dean tells Sam he was kind of hard on Donna, but Sam argues that what he said was the truth and knowing the brothers only gets people killed. Sam believes it only ends one way for them, bloody. It ends bad.
* [[Agent Terrance Clegg]]
* [[Marlon]]
* [[The HarvesterCarver]]
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Wendy is wearing a "Love Is Love" lesbian pride t-shirt which is later planted by Clegg in the van of Pastor Don Hankey in order to incriminate him. She has anti-gun and "Think globally; act locally" stickers on her car bumper.
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While not named in the episode, writer [ Davey Perez] revealed that the name used to track the unnamed harvester's actions in the script was "The Carver."
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