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Asmodeus has yellow irises with white sclerae and no visible pupils. Dressed in white, he sports a well-groomed beard and a southern accent, and he has two scars around his left eye which were given to him by Lucifer, which indicates that he has occupied his current vessel for millennia. According to Ramiel, Asmodeus occupied himself with his "hobbies," which have not been specified. While his ability to smite a room full of demons, desire in ruling the ''shedim'', and ability to overpower a weakened Lucifer and the recently-resurrected Castiel at the same time implies that he might be the most powerful of the four Princes of Hell, Lucifer reveals to Castiel that Asmodeus was his weakest creation. Lucifer says that he did not give , and was unaware where Asmodeus got the ability to shape-shift or many of his shapeshift among other abilitiesabilites, claiming not to have given them to him.
===Powers and abilities===
* Form Shiftingshifting
* [[Smiting]]
* Telekinesis
* [[Teleportation]]
* Mind Controlcontrol
===[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]===
Asmodeus returns to Fall River, Massachusetts[[Needham Asylum]], after running "an important errand.". Angry that his subordinates allowed Lucifer and Castiel to escape confinement, Asmodeus agrees with Ketch that attempting to hold Lucifer was "monumentally stupid" and thus changes tactics and orders Ketch to kill Lucifer. Seeing Ketch visibly apprehensive about the task, Asmodeus assures him that Lucifer is running on empty and that an angel blade to the heart should kill him... probably, but Ketch needs to act quick before Lucifer regains his power or they will all die.
Days later, Asmodeus is given the news that his demons have located the [[prophet]] [[Donatello Redfield]]. Using his shapeshifting abilities to assume the form of Castiel, Asmodeus confronts Donatello exiting a fried chicken restaurant. He is able to get new information regarding Jack and the opening of a new rift. Having heard enough, Asmodeus changes back and alters Donatello's mind, telling him any new information will be reported to him. Donatello agrees and walks away.

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