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Donatello didn't recognize Asmodeus's dark aura in 13.13 Devil's Bargain, unlike in 13.02 The Rising Son when he feels Asmodeus's dark aura from a long distance.
|image= [[File:Asmodeus.jpg|350px]]
|name= Asmodeus
|actor= [ [Jeffrey Vincent Parise]]|dates= Before the sinking of Atlantis– 2018 (killed by [[Gabriel]])|location= Fall RiverLebanon, MassachusettsKansas|occupation= [[Demon]] ([[Prince of Hell]])<br>King of Hell(formerly)|episodes= [[13.02 The Rising Son]]<br>[[13.07 War of the Worlds]]<br>[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]<br>[[13.17 The Thing]]<br>[[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]
|text= Long agoYou want redemption, but you ain't never gonna get it. Eager to please, I freed the Your kind -- ''our'shedim'kind -- we can't be redeemed.All we can do is spread our pain around.. HellSo no, you don's most savage. Things so dark and base, God himself would not allow them into the lightt know who you are. But ''I, in my pride, believed that I could train them. Use them. But Lucifer feared them, as well he should. So he forbade it, locked them up again. He was... 'disappointed' in medo. The pain, the uhWhich is why no matter where you go.No matter what you do.. the total humiliation.You're mine.. it forged an eternal bond between us. I am his to command, as you are mine.
|author= Asmodeus
|source= [[13.02 17 The Rising SonThing]]
Asmodeus is was the last remaining of the four [[Princes of Hell]]. At some point during his eons of servitude to [[Lucifer]], Asmodeus attempted to free the ''[[shedim]]'' and use them in service of Lucifer. However, due to the dark and base nature of the ''shedim'', Lucifer feared them and locked them back away. For the disappointment He tortured Asmodeus caused Luciferas punishment, he leaving him permanently scarred his face, and through that pain and humiliation, an eternal bond was forged. Asmodeus became Lucifer's to command. At some point in time, Asmodeus, along with his siblings the other Princes of Hell [[Ramiel]] and [[Dagon]], left the machinations of [[Hell]] behind to live quiet lives on Earth, later revealing to [[Dean Winchester]] that he left because he was unable to get Lucifer's approval.  Seven years prior, [[Loki]] had his sons, [[Fenrir Odensbane]], [[Narfi]], and [[Sleipnir]], capture the [[archangel]] [[Gabriel]] and sell him to Asmodeus, who showed him unending torture over the years. He also became addicted to injecting Gabriel's [[grace]], which allowed him to go from being the weakest of the Princes of Hell to the strongest, gaining new abilities such as smiting and shapeshifting in the process.  Following [[Crowley]]'s death, Asmodeus came out of hiding to take over [[Hell]] as its interim king until Lucifer could return with [[Jack]], taking up residence in [[Needham Asylum]]. Soon, he becomes satisfied being the king and at his first opportunity he turns on a weakened Lucifer and imprisons him. After the rescue of Gabriel by [[Mr. Ketch]], Asmodeus attempted to reclaim the archangel by leading a demonic incursion into [[the Bunker]]. The attack stirred Gabriel into action against his former captor. Asmodeus proved to be no match for the enraged archangel and was incinerated by Gabriel.
Asmodeus has yellow irises with white sclerae and no visible pupils. Dressed in white, he sports a well-groomed beard and a southern accent, and he has two scars around his left eye which were given to him by Lucifer, which indicates that he has occupied his current vessel for millennia. According to Ramiel, Asmodeus occupied himself with his "hobbies," which have not been specified. His behavior appears to be reminiscent of that of a prison warden, enforcing his superiority to his minions and keeping them in line. While his ability to smite a room full of demons, desire in ruling the ''shedim'', and ability to overpower a weakened Lucifer and the recently-resurrected Castiel at the same time implies that he might be the most powerful of the four Princes of Hell, Lucifer reveals to Castiel that Asmodeus was his weakest creation, and was unaware where Asmodeus got the ability to shapeshift among other abilitesabilities, claiming not to have given them to him. It is later revealed that Asmodeus received his newfound abilities by [[Grace Extractor|extracting grace]] from the archangel [[Gabriel]], whom he had imprisoned, and had been injecting it into himself for years.
===Powers and abilities===
By injecting himself regularly with low doses of the archangel Gabriel's grace, Asmodeus was able to go from the weakest of Lucifer's "children" to the most powerful, gaining new abilities thanks to the celestial power coursing through him, these included:  * Ergokinesis – Due to Gabriel's grace, Asmodeus showed the ability to wield energy blasts.* Invulnerability – Asmodeus was shown to be invulnerable to most standard attacks, as well having the ability to completely bypass the [[Men of Letters Bunker]]'s [[Warding Sigils|warding]]. As Azazel was impervious to holy water, it can be assumed this extended to Asmodeus as well.* [[Shapeshifting]] – Asmodeus was the only demon to show the ability to shapeshift due to his usage of archangel grace. A layer of white smoke would envelop his body, allowing him to take on the form of any person, demon, or angel. As he briefly took Castiel's form, his shapeshifting ability is also shown to conceal his dark aura, even from [[Donatello Redfield]], although the prophet could still feel his presence.* Form shifting[[Mind control]] – Asmodeus was able to give humans directives against their will, as evidenced when he turned Donatello into a sleeper agent. * [[Smiting]]– Due to the archangel grace, Asmodeus was able to turn people into dust with a gesture, as well as burn demons from the inside of their meatsuits. * [[Telekinesis]] – With archangel grace he was able to easily overpower Castiel and Lucifer with a hand gesture.* [[Teleportation]]– As a [[Prince of Hell]], he had the ability to teleport anywhere he wished.* Mind controlVoice mimicry – Asmodeus was able to mimic the voice of Castiel to keep the Winchesters off of his trail.
* [[Archangel]]s – Higher beings such as archangels were able to inflict harm and kill Asmodeus. Lucifer was able to permanently scar Asmodeus' [[meatsuit]] at some point in the past, and the weakened Gabriel was able to kill him through spontaneous combustion, despite being weakened by Asmodeus's consumption of his archangel grace.* [[The Colt]] – The Coltcan kill a Prince of Hell as seen with the death of [[Azazel]].* [[Lance of Michael]] – Being pierced with the lance would have killed Asmodeus. However, it is unknown if the archangel grace coursing through him would have caused him to die a slower death rather than an instant one like his brother [[Ramiel]].* [[Nephilim]]– Even with the power of an archangel coursing through him, Asmodeus still chose to flee rather than confront an angry [[Jack]].
Answering Castiel's cell phone, Asmodeus disguises his voice to sound like Cas and tells [[Dean]] that he is looking into a very interesting lead and will contact him when he knows more. After hanging up, Asmodeus informs [[Arthur Ketch]] of his current plans for Lucifer and Castiel and that he will be needing Jack even more now that a new version of [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] plans on coming to their world.
[[File:AsmodeusThrone.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Asmodeus sitting on [[Crowley]]'s throne.]]
===[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]===
Asmodeus returns to [[Needham Asylum]], after running "an important errand." Angry that his subordinates allowed Lucifer and Castiel to escape confinement, Asmodeus agrees with Ketch that attempting to hold Lucifer was "monumentally stupid" and thus changes tactics and orders Ketch to kill Lucifer. Seeing Ketch visibly apprehensive about the task, Asmodeus assures him that Lucifer is running on empty and that an angel blade to the heart should kill him... probably, but Ketch needs to act quick before Lucifer regains his power or they will all die.
When Ketch reports back regarding his inability to kill Lucifer, Asmodeus reveals to him the important errand that took him away from his duties -- locating and retrieving the [[archangel blade]]. When Ketch questions the practicality of a weapon that can only be wielded by an [[archangel]], Asmodeus decides to introduce Ketch to one of his prisoners, [[Gabriel]].
===[[13.17 The Thing]]===
Ketch, who was called but kept waiting by Asmodeus, barges into the throne room in the Needham Asylum and watches Asmodeus extract Gabriel's grace and inject it into his own arm. Asmodeus ushers Ketch outside the throne room and tells him to wait until he is called. Later, Asmodeus tells Ketch that Sam and Dean have been assembling ingredients for a spell. When Ketch reveals that he knew this already and had not told Asmodeus, the Prince of Hell reprimands him and tells him he's Asmodeus' property. Ketch attempts to leave, but Asmodeus beats him down, enforcing his demands to Ketch and getting upset when Ketch's blood splatters his suit.
Later, Asmodeus taunts Ketch about his humanity, stating that he is more devious that any demon he knows, and he knows them all. He gives a speech about how his kind, their kind, wants redemption and they never get it, so they choose to spread their pain. He claims to know Ketch more than he knows himself and instills the idea that no matter where he goes or what he does, Ketch belongs to him. Asmodeus leaves him alone with Gabriel, but Ketch decides to rebel by rescuing Gabriel, retrieving his grace and the archangel blade, and taking them all to the [[Men of Letters Bunker]].
Ketch relinquishes Gabriel to Sam and Dean along with the grace and the archangel blade in exchange for protection from Asmodeus, stating that he will be hunted down to the ends of the earth once his betrayal is discovered.
===[[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]===
[[File:Asmodeus Death.png|thumb|right|350px|Asmodeus is killed by Gabriel.]]
Asmodeus is seen rotating Baoding balls in his hand while a demon informs him that they were unable to locate Ketch or Gabriel. Asmodeus is frustrated, stating that he should be able to detect Gabriel's presence since he is connected to him due to the archangel grace he pumped into himself.
After Gabriel awakens from his mind, Asmodeus is able to sense his location in the Men of Letters Bunker. He calls Sam, giving him ten minutes to return Gabriel to him before he heads to the Bunker and reduces it to ashes along with them. When the time runs out, he arrived with a group of demons hoping to reclaim Gabriel. Since the Bunker's warding isn't designed to protect it against Princes of Hell, Asmodeus is able to bypass it with ease. He sends Sam and Castiel flying towards the computer with a flick of his hand and starts to telekinetically choke them while the demons seize Gabriel. He tells Gabriel that he is going to punish him severely for escaping as the demons escort him out, but Gabriel overpowers them and heals his wounds. Asmodeus sends an ergokinetic pulse towards Gabriel, who casually deflects it. He tells the archangel that he isn't powerful enough to take him on, but Gabriel powers himself up, preparing to attack. Gabriel says "I always hated that dumbass suit" before he sets Asmodeus on fire, killing him and rendering the Princes of Hell extinct.
===[[13.20 Unfinished Business]]===
Gabriel reveals to Sam and Dean that when he fled to Monte Carlo, he was partying with [[Fenrir Odensbane]], [[Narfi]], and [[Sleipnir]]. [[Loki]], angry at Gabriel for the death of [[Odin]], had his three sons turn against him and sell him to Asmodeus. Gabriel also states that while killing Asmodeus gave him satisfaction "for a hot minute," he will not be completely satisfied until he has had revenge on all of Loki's family.
===[[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]]===
[[Kipling]] reveals that with the deaths of [[Crowley]] and [[Lucifer]], and Asmodeus being "Kentucky fried," Hell has been left without a leader for the first time in forever.
==Asmodeus in Lore==
[ Asmodeus] is known as a king of demons / ''shedim'' and as one of the seven princes of Hell in ''[[Binsfeld's Classification of Demons]]'', where he is considered the demon of lust in accordance with the seven deadly sins. In Jewish and Islamic lore, the ''shedim'' are said to be the followers of Asmodeus, who is their king.
==See Alsoalso==
* [[Evil Colonel Sanders]]

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