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So I don't think the list provides readers with useful information. What I think would helpful would be to replace this with a list of other pages relating to manifestation such as:
[[Possession]], [[Vessel]], [[Angel Banishing Sigil]], [{Exorcism]], [[Binding Link]], [[Rituale Romanum]], [[Devil's Trap trap (symbol)]] and a note on how they relate to manifestation. This is a collection of information someone might find useful to have drawn together.
In future, for pages like this please run the idea past me first so we can refine the idea before you work on the page. New pages really need to be a source of new and useful information. At this point in the Wiki's development, we want to avoid having pages which duplicate similar information as it makes it a chore to update them all whenever there is new canon and more difficult to ensure consistency across them all.

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