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According to Crowley, Death's Scythe can kill anything including Death himself. It would most likely have to be wielded by a super being as it burns when it glows in his presence. I think binding spells can be used on anyone. The problem is making it work. Crowley carved the symbols in Brady's chest after he had the "bag" on. Kali used a blood spell on an archangel and two mortals dispatched two of the horsemen. I think that a lesser being can kill/defeat/bind etc a more powerful being "if they get the drop on them". I've always wondered why the angels don't just step over the non-burning part of the holy oil circle! Har Har!--[[User:Frankrizzo51|Frankrizzo51]] 21:23, 5 August 2011 (UTC)
*It is unknown as to whether or not Death is actually an [[angel]] as his title suggests, or a powerful [[demon]]. Due to the mythology of Death stretching back further than [[Lilith]]’s (who was the first demon ever conceived) it is more likely the former. In this case it is also unknown as to how Death might differ from other angels, whether or not he is an [[Archangel]], a [[Fallen Angel]], or something different entirely. Biblical and religious lore supports the latter.
I just erased the Head Reaper part of Death's occupation.

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