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Asmodeus has yellow irises with white sclerae and no visible pupils. Dressed in white, he sports a well-groomed beard and a southern accent, and he has two scars around his left eye which were given to him by Lucifer, which indicates that he has occupied his current vessel for millennia. According to Ramiel, Asmodeus occupied himself with his "hobbies," which have not been specified. His behavior appears to be reminiscent to that of a prison warden; enforcing his superiority to his minions and keeping them in line. While his ability to smite a room full of demons, desire in ruling the ''shedim'', and ability to overpower a weakened Lucifer and the recently-resurrected Castiel at the same time implies that he might be the most powerful of the four Princes of Hell, Lucifer reveals to Castiel that Asmodeus was his weakest creation, and was unaware where Asmodeus got the ability to shapeshift among other abilites, claiming not to have given them to him. It is later revealed that Asmodeus received his newfound abilities by [[Grace Extractor|extracting grace]] from the archangel [[Gabriel]], whom he had imprisoned in the [[Needham Asylum]], and injecting it into himself.
===Powers and abilities===

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