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|Powers= Temporarily burns and weakens [[Leviathans]].
|location= Supermarkets around the world.
|episodes= '''First Appearance:''' [[7.06 Slash Fiction]]<br>'''Last Appearance:''' [[8.01 We Need To to Talk About Kevin]]
Inside an RRE laboratory, Dick Roman samples the new additive-laced creamers as Castiel, holding a bottle of Power Clean, and Dean teleport into the room.
===[[8.01 We Need To to Talk About Kevin]]===
When [[Sam]] returns to [[Rufus's Cabin]] he is met by [[Dean]], who pushes him to the floor and douses him with [[holy water]] and borax, much to Sam's annoyance. When Sam refuses to do the same to Dean, Dean splashes himself with holy water and borax to prove he isn't a [[demon]] or [[Leviathan]] either.

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