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Naomi is an [[angel]], and a very powerful one , who is the leader of one of the many factions fighting for control of [[Heaven]]. She exists in an area of Heaven that [[Castiel]] has never seen before. She was responsible for rescuing Castiel from [[Purgatory]] – although it cost several [[angel]]s their lives to recover him – and has continued to monitor him. It is implied that she had a past fling with [[Crowley]] in Mesopotamia. According to [[Ion]], Naomi and himself are from the intelligence division in Heaven.
===[[8.10 Torn and Frayed]]===
After [[Samandriel]] manages to reactivate his "[[angel]] radio," he sends a distress call to Naomi before [[Viggo]] interrupts him. Naomi summons [[Castiel]] to rescue him before he is broken, telling him the signal cut-off before she could pinpoint his exact location. When [[Castiel]] tells her he will need help as [[Crowley]] will have warded Samandriel's location against angels, Naomi tells him to take whatever he needs and to tell the Winchesters it was him who detected the distress call and decided to rescue him.
[[File:Naomi-Cas.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Naomi roots around in [[Castiel]]'s mind.]]
After the Winchesters break the [[Enochian sigils]] keeping him out, Castiel is still left weakened and , as an apparent side-effect, sees a memory of Naomi having him strapped down to a chair and approaching his eye with some kind of instrument.
After Samandriel is rescued, he begs Castiel not to not take him back to Heaven as he is afraid of Naomi after what he has revealed. Apparently Naomi is well-known in [[Heaven]] , as Samandriel is shocked that Castiel has no idea who she is. After learning that Samandriel revealed the existence of an [[angel tablet]], Naomi orders Castiel to kill him which he does against his will. Naomi orders Castiel to claim that Samandriel was compromised and he was forced to kill him in self-defense and that he is taking him back to Heaven to be laid to rest. However, this arouses the Winchesters' suspicions that Castiel is being controlled, especially as he starts bleeding from one eye and Castiel is horrified that he murdered another angel. Naomi calls Samandriel a traitor and said says he needed to be executed for what he did. Naomi intends to examine Samandriel to learn just how much he broke and reveals that the angel tablet, something that any angel would die to protect the existence of, including herself, has the potential to cause great harm to angels, suggesting that like the demon tablet reveals how to lock up demons forever, the angel tablet could do the same with angels.
===[[8.17 Goodbye Stranger]]===

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