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Angel Blade

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[[Kevin Tran (Apocalypse World)|Kevin]] explains that [[grace|archangel grace]] is required to use a spell from the [[angel tablet]] to open an interdimensional rift, prompting [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] to use an angel blade to perform a small incision on [[Lucifer]]'s throat, allowing him to siphon off the majority of his grace to use in his [[Spells#Rift_Opening_Spell|rift opening spell]].
[[File:AngelWings-1309.png|350px|left|thumb|An angel blade melted into the ground.]]
===[[13.09 The Bad Place]]===
After [[Kaia Nieves]] is abducted by a pair of angels, Sam, Dean and Jack get her location and are able to get the jump on one of the angels, taking him at blade point. When Jack refuses to leave with the angels, the male angel is able to break free and take back his blade, while the female angel produces one from her sleeve. In the ensuing fight, Jack hits the female angel with a blast of celestial energy, suspending her in the air and throwing her back, losing her blade. The male angel gets his blade back, but is stopped by Jack before he could kill Dean, and forces the angel to stab himself with his blade.

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