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Dean Winchester

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Season 11
Sam is beyond excited to talk to God, who prefers to go by Chuck, but Dean is much more withdrawn, not understanding how Chuck could just have left humanity to deal with everything by itself when he was really needed. Chuck says that he needed to let people find their own way. Being over involved was not helping anyone. Later that night, in the bunker, Dean is on the computer looking for any leads on Amara, when he has a vision of her inside the bunker, telling him that she misses him and that she knows her brother has resurfaced and that he should tell him that Lucifer (and his vessel) aren’t doing so well. The next morning, Sam finds out about another town that experienced the mysterious fog, where thousands of people died, everyone except for one person. They go to the town, where they talk to the survivor, [[Donatello Redfield]], and figure out that he is a prophet. Dean sees another vision of Amara, telling him that she needs to see him. They bring Donatello back to the bunker to see Chuck, then go off to meet Metatron at a bar, who tells them that Chuck has no intention of taking Amara down - he will sacrifice himself. Dean meets Chuck in a park and asks him why he’s giving up. Chuck plans to make a deal with Amara to have himself put in a cage as long as the world is unhurt. He tells Dean that if that doesn’t work, he and Sam will step up - it’s why he saved Dean - Dean is the firewall between the light and the darkness. Dean argues that it’s Chuck who must do it. Back in the Bunker, they agree to let Metatron in on their plan, as his knowledge may be useful. Dean meets up with Amara in a forest, and once again she asks him to join her. However, she quickly realizes that he has betrayed her - this meeting is a diversion to distract her while the others rescue Lucifer. She goes to try and stop them, leaving Dean unharmed.
In [[11.22 We Happy Few]] Sam, Dean, Chuck, and Lucifer, decide to put Amara back in the cage, after talking about how outright killing her would disrupt the balance of darkness and light. To increase their power to do so, they decide to bring in Crowley, Rowena, and more angels. Crowley recruits demons, Lucifer recruits the angels, and Rowena recruits several other witches. They come up with a plan to attack her, weakening her enough so that Chuck can put her back in the cage. At the abandoned power plant where this is all to take place, Dean finds out that the plan involves Sam taking on the [[Mark of Cain]], something he immediately objects to, but his protests are brushed aside. Rowena telepathically lets Amara know where they are, and when Amara arrives at the power plant, the attacks begin, from the witches, demons, angels, and Lucifer. She and Chuck argue, until she admits defeat, and requests that he kill her. However, when she realizes that he is about to imprison her instead of killing her, she fights back with renewed vigor. She rips Lucifer out of Castiel’s vessel and injures Chuck. She tells Dean and Sam that he is dying, then vanishes.
Castiel wakes up a few minutes later in [[11.23 Alpha and Omega]], much to Dean’s relief. Chuck also wakes up, and tells them that Amara was right, he is dying. Outside, they realize that the sun is dying as well. Back at the bunker, Chuck finally agrees to help kill Amara. He says that the darkness can be killed by light. A plan is devised to create a bomb using souls. Sam and Dean head to a haunted asylum to raid the souls of the ghosts there, and when they return, Billie the reaper appears and wants to know what they are doing. When they tell her, she offers to help them by letting them use the souls that are in the Veil. With Billie’s help, Rowena is able to build the bomb. Dean is chosen as the one to bring the bomb to Amara, as he is the one with a personal connection to her. However, Rowena tells him that he will not just be carrying the bomb - he will be the bomb. Resigned, Dean agrees. After he has said his goodbyes, Chuck transports him to Amara. There, Amara knows about the bomb - she knows what Dean is trying to do. Dean tells her that Chuck doesn’t actually want her dead, and to put aside their differences. Amara summons Chuck, they talk, and Amara heals him, which makes the sun shine again. Chuck and Amara are planning to go away together, but before they do so, Amara tells Dean she wants to to give Dean what he needs the most. Later, somewhere in a dark park, Dean hears a woman calling for help. As he rushes over, he sees who it is, and stares at her in shock. It is his mother, [[Mary Winchester]].
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