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Dean Winchester

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* When Dean thinks Sam is dead, Dean overdoses on barbiturates and dies in order to talk to [[Billie]] the reaper. She tells him that Sam is not dead, and she is there to reap Dean and take him to [[the Empty]]. However, [[Dr. Kessler]] is able to successfully resuscitate him.<ref name="eleven17">[[11.17 Red Meat]]</ref>
* In order to get out of a remote federal prison where they are being held for attempted assassination of the president, Dean and Sam must die. Dean asks [[Billie]] the reaper to let him and Sam die and come back one more time, and then she could take a Winchester for good. Being temporarily dead allows them to be transported to another room, and they sneak out once [[Billie]] brings them back.<ref name="twelve09">[[12.09 First Blood]]</ref>
* Dean dies in [[13.05 Advanced Thanatology]] after he injects himself with something that stops his heart in order to speak to the ghosts who are haunting a house. Sam injects him with a syringe full of another substance that is supposed to restart his heart, but it doesn't work. [[Billie]] shows up, and she brings him back, after a conversation in which she reveals that it is not his time to die yet.<ref name="thirteen05">[[13.05 Advanced Thanatology]]</ref>
==Michael's True Vessel==

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