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Mary Winchester

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===[[13.20 Unfinished Business]]===
Learning from one of their soldiers, [[Jakob]], that Michael has abandoned his [[Michael's Fortress|fortress]], Mary and Jack lead their group to the wastelands and investigate, after once Jack confirms that the church has been abandoned by Michael, except for a few sentries. Arriving at the fortress, Mary shows trepidation, fearing that they may have walked into a trap after finding a map of the U.S. with showing Michael's soldiers gathered in the south.
When Jakob finds [[Kevin Tran (Apocalypse World)|Kevin Tran]] locked in a dungeon, Mary tries to calm the prophet down, asking him what Michael has planned. With this new information, Mary and Jack argue whether he should attack Michael, ; Mary is against the idea and pleads with Jack to wait for Bobby to arrive and so they can formulate a plan together. Jack, however , decides to attack Michael, as . Mary once again tries dissuade him, warning that going in blind like he plans to can lead to big mistakes. Jack assures Mary he will be back for the rest of them. Before Jack can leave, Kevin reveals he was planted by Michael to send a message to Jack, revealing uncovering a sigil carved into his chest. When Jack tells Kevin he won't be able to kill him wit with it, Kevin tells him Michael doesn't want wants to kill break him, but break not kill him, and actives activates the sigil, consuming himself in light. Jack acts quickly and protects himself and Mary with his wings and while the explosion kills everyone else in the room.
In the aftermath, Jack blames himself for the death of the people he claimed he would protect. Mary attempts to comfort Jack, telling him they can prepare, and fight , but things will always happen that are out of their hands.
===[[13.21 Beat the Devil]]===
Mary greets Dean when he, Castiel, [[Gabriel]] , and [[Maggie (Apocalypse World)|Maggie]] arrive to their Dayton outpost. She hugs Dean, and asked asks about Sam , only for Dean to tell her he didn't make it.
===[[13.22 Exodus]]===

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