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Hunt Initiation Log (Season 4)

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==[[4.01 Lazarus Rising]]==
'''Comments:''' Dean wakes up in his own grave, four months after he was sent to Hell. After digging himself out and finding Bobby, he tracks down Sam - who is staying in a hotel with a girl not far from where Dean was buried. Dean is livid, thinking Sam has done something to get him out of Hell, but Sam assures him that's not the case - he's hunting migrant demons. Dean and Bobby decide to summon whatever pulled Dean out of Hell, while Sam continues to hunt the demons (trying to learn the same thing).
Dean gets a point for initiating the hunt to find whatever pulled him out; Sam gets one for being on a hunt before Dean and Bobby show up.
'''Initiator/Method:''' Dean/John's journal; Sam/tracking omens
'''Tally for 4.01:''' Dean 1; Sam 1
'''Tally, season to date:''' Dean 1; Sam 1
==[[4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester]]==

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