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Hunt Initiation Log (Season 4)

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==[[4.03 In The Beginning]]==
'''Comments:''' Castiel sends Dean back in time (and space) to Lawrence, Kansas, 1973. There, Dean learns that his dad was a Trekkie, his mom was a hunter, and he was named after his grandmother. Castiel tells him to "stop it," though he is not very clear about what "it" might be. Dean introduces himself to young John Winchester and the Campbells as "Dean Van Halen," and tells the Campbells that he is also a hunter. Samuel Campbell doesn't trust other hunters and refuses to let Dean help him investigate a haunted farm, taking Mary instead. Dean beats them to the farm and soon realizes it's not a haunting - it's the Yellow-Eyed Demon who is making deals left and right, planning to collect in ten years.
When Castiel returns Dean to the present, he shows him where Sam is, with Ruby, depossessing a demon. Once again, the angel bids him to "stop it."
'''Initiator/Method:''' Grandpa Samuel/research; Dean/his own knowledge (gleaned from John's journal)
'''Tally for 4.03:''' Dean 1; Grandpa Samuel 1
'''Tally, season to date:''' Dean 2; Sam 1; Bobby 1; Grandpa Samuel 1
==[[4.04 Metamorphosis]]==

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