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[[File:KevinDemonTablet.jpg|thumb|right|350px|[[Kevin]] joining the two pieces of the [[demon]] tablet together.]]
The Word of God was inscribed on a series of tablets that were dictated by [[God]] during creation "for the defense of mankind." [[Metatron]] is the [[angel]] who recorded God's word on a series of tablets. [[Crowley]] described Metatron as "The scribe... and suck-up. Took down God's word, picked up His cleaning." Metatron's personal note on the [[demon]] tablet reveals that there is a compendium of tablets about a variety of subjects, presumably on all the creatures that God created.<ref>[[8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin]]</ref> Metatron disappeared after completing the tablets.<ref>[[7.21 Reading Is Fundamental]]</ref>

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