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The Empty

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[[File:Cas&CosmicEntity.png|thumb|right|350px|The [[Cosmic Entity]] questions [[Castiel]] in the Empty.]]
===[[13.04 The Big Empty]]===
Castiel wanders around the Empty looking for anyone, inadvertently awaking awakening the [[Cosmic Entity]] from its slumber. The Entity takes on Castiel's form and speaks in a eloquent voice, telling Castiel that its true form would drive him mad and explaining the purpose of the Empty to Castiel. The Entity reveals that the Empty is the final resting place of all [[angels]] and [[demons]], where they peacefully sleep in an eternal slumber. This prompts the Entity to question why Castiel is awake and complain that it cannot go back to sleep until Castiel does. The Entity tries to convince Castiel to go back to sleep rather than return to Earth and face everything he's done. However, Castiel steadfastly keeps his resolve and threatens to keep them awake for all eternity, driving them both insane, until it sends him back to Earth. Realizing its threats of throwing Castiel deeper into the Empty and its beatings will not work on the angel, the Cosmic Entity appears to accept the deal and sends Castiel back to Earth.
===[[13.06 Tombstone]]===

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