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The Word of God was inscribed on a series of tablets that were dictated by [[God]] during creation "for the defense of mankind." [[Metatron]] is the [[angel]] who recorded God's word on a series of tablets. [[Crowley]] described Metatron as "The scribe... and suck-up. Took down God's word, picked up His cleaning." Metatron's personal note on the [[demon]] tablet reveals that there is a compendium of tablets about a variety of subjects, presumably on all the creatures that God created.<ref>[[8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin]]</ref> Metatron disappeared after completing the tabletsand encasing them is stone.<ref>[[7.21 Reading Is Fundamental]]</ref>
[[Castiel]] says that if the Word of God is revealed, a [[prophet]] will be awakened. This prophet turns out to be [[Kevin Tran]].
The first tablet in the series was excavated by [[Dick Roman]] in a dig site in Iran and describes how to kill the [[Leviathan]]; the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the blood of a fallen angel, the King of Hell, and an Alpha. Kevin is able to translate the tablet for Sam and Dean , but the leviathan [[Edgar]] kidnaps him and his mother and steals the tablet, delivering all three to Roman at [[SucroCorp]]. After Kevin is forced to translate it for him, Roman hides the tablet and sends Edgar to stop the Winchesters from assembling the necessary components. Despite his security measures, [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] complete the weapon and use it to kill Dick Roman, but the ritual weapon they use resulting explosion transports Castiel and Dean to [[Purgatory]].
The second tablet was in the hands of [[Crowley]] and is titled "Demons." It includes instructions on how to construct a weapon against demons, information on how to see [[hellhounds]], and most importantly how to seal the [[Gates of Hell]] by undertaking a series of [[trials]].
[[Angel]] protocol dictates that the prophet be taken to a desert to learn the Word. In Kevin's case, at first he isolates himself on a [[Fizzles' Folly|boathouseboat]] owned by [[Garth]] and later in the [[Men of Letters Bunker]].
Under torture by Crowley, the angel [[Samandriel]] reveals that there is also a tablet relating to [[angels]]. Castiel locates it with Dean's help in one of [[Lucifer's Crypts]] and goes on the run with it to protect it from all threats after the tablet frees him from [[Naomi]]'s control. While Metatron states that it contains instructions on trials that, once completed, will seal [[Heaven]], this turns out to be a ruse. Both the angel and demon tablets were in Sam and Dean's possession and they attempted to use the angel tablet to find a way to reverse what Metatron did. Their plans were cut short when [[Gadreel]], possessing Sam, murdered Kevin Tran and made his escape with both tablets.
Pretending to want to lead Castiel to his grace, Metatron takes him to a library where both the grace and the demon tablet are. While Castiel gets his grace back, Metatron incapacitates him with a spell and escapes with the demon tablet. Castiel later tracks Metatron down and retrieves the demon tablet from where Metatron had hidden it: under the mattress of his bed in his apartment.
Later, Sam and Dean recruit [[Donatello Redfield]] to translate the demon tablet to locate a spell capable of opening an [[Portal|inter-dimensional rift]] to make their way to [[Apocalypse World]] to save [[Mary]] and [[Jack]]. Due to his [[soulessness]], the dark energy resonating within the tablet cause him to go mad and retaliate against the Winchesters, forcing Castiel to strip the spell from his mind, effectively leaving the mad prophet brain-dead. After acquiring the necessary ingredients for the spell, Sam, Dean, Cass, and [[Gabriel]] make their way to Apocalypse World and lead an exodus of humans into their world to prepare for a battle against [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] and his angelic armies.
==Leviathan Tablet==

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