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Asmodeus is was the last remaining of the four [[Princes of Hell]]. At some point during his eons of servitude to [[Lucifer]], Asmodeus attempted to free the ''[[shedim]]'' and use them in service of Lucifer. However, due to the dark and base nature of the ''shedim'', Lucifer feared them and locked them back away. He tortured Asmodeus as punishment, leaving him permanently scarred. At some point in time, Asmodeus, along with the other Princes of Hell [[Ramiel]] and [[Dagon]], left the machinations of [[Hell]] behind to live quiet lives on Earth, later revealing to [[Dean Winchester]] that he left because he was unable to get Lucifer's approval.
Seven years prior, [[Loki]] had his sons, [[Fenrir Odensbane]], [[Narfi]], and [[Sleipnir]], capture the [[archangel]] [[Gabriel]] and sell him to Asmodeus, who showed him unending torture over the years. He also became addicted to consuming injecting Gabriel's [[grace]], which allowed him to go from being the weakest of the Princes of Hell to the strongest, gaining new abilities such as smiting and shapeshifting in the process.
Following [[Crowley]]'s death, Asmodeus came out of hiding to take over [[Hell]] as its interim king until Lucifer could return with [[Jack]], taking up residence in [[Needham Asylum]]. Soon, he becomes satisfied being the king and at his first opportunity he turns on a weakened Lucifer and imprisons him and Castiel, but they eventually escape. He hires [[Ketch]] to find Jack, but Ketch turns against Asmodeus by stealing the archangel blade, Gabriel, and Gabriel's extracted grace. After Asmodeus lead an incursion against [[The Bunker]], Gabriel snaps out of his traumatized state and incinerates Asmodeus, killing him and rendering the Princes of Hell extinct.

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