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While speaking with Edgar, the Alpha Vampire questions him about the side effects of the Leviathan additive, which Edgar answers with indifference, telling him he wants the Alpha and his children to burn. He reveals that the additive kills [[werewolves]], [[shapeshifters]], anything with a taste for human flesh. Angry, the Alpha Vampire tells Edgar "they" come from "them" and that he is a son of Eve, all of which Edgar belittles, saying that the other [[monsters]] are nothing but mutts and that Eve was a whore. Edgar's insult to his mother provokes the Alpha to bare his fangs and lunge at Edgar, sending him into the wall. Grabbing a chilled bucket from the table, he splashes it onto Edgar, causing his flesh to burn from the borax. The effects are short, however, as Edgar is able to straighten up and attack the Alpha Vampire. As Edgar's face transforms, he is quickly decapitated by Sam.
[[File:Survivalsuper12.jpg|thumb|left|350px|Meg splashes Borax on the [[Leviathan]] guards at [[SucroCorp]].]]
===[[7.23 Survival of the Fittest]]===
With the plan to kill Dick set, Sam, Dean, and [[Castiel]] enlist the help of [[Meg]] to act as a distraction by crashing the [[Impala]] into the front sign of Richard Roman Enterprises[[SucroCorp]]. Meg exits the driver’s seat of the Impala with a bottle of Power Clean and machete in hand, as the Leviathan security guards begin opening fire. Meg begins retaliating, throwing Power Clean onto Leviathans and decapitating them.
Inside an RRE a SucroCorp laboratory, Dick Roman samples the new additive-laced creamers as Castiel, holding a bottle of Power Clean, and Dean teleport into the room.
===[[8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin]]===

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