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Lucifer's Cage

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===[[12.08 LOTUS]]===
After getting a [[hyperbolic pulse generatorHyperbolic Pulse Generator]] from [[Arthur Ketch]] of the [[British Men of Letters]], the Winchesters, [[Castiel]], [[Crowley]] and [[Rowena]] team up together to return [[Lucifer]] to his cage. Using [[President Jefferson Rooney]]/Lucifer's mistress [[Kelly Kline]], the group lures Lucifer to a motel where Sam uses the hyperbolic pulse generatorHyperbolic Pulse Generator, a device capable of expelling a [[demon]] from their [[vessel]]. The powerful pulse beats Lucifer back, as Rowena casts a spell to send Lucifer's essence back to the Cage. After exchanging words with Sam, Lucifer vacates the president's body, his essence swirls below the ceiling before going through a heating vent in the floor.
===[[12.14 The Raid]]===

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