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Alternate Vessels
* [[Nick]] assents to Lucifer near the end of [[5.01 Sympathy for the Devil]]. He serves as a vessel for Lucifer until Sam will consent to be the vessel<ref>[[5.22 Swan Song]]</ref>. Castiel says that Nick must be drinking gallons of [[demon blood]] to remain intact, and Lucifer himself notes that Nick is wearing a bit thin.<ref name="five21">[[5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight]]</ref> Some years after Lucifer was trapped in the Cage, Crowley was able to retrieve Nick and perform various rituals on him so that he would serve as both a permanent vessel for Lucifer after his apparent banishment<ref name="twelve13"/> and a means of torturing Lucifer, runes and spell-work from the Cage carved into every molecule of Nick's form to enable Crowley's torture and render Lucifer powerless and unable to vacate his vessel<ref>[[12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell]]</ref>. It took a team of twelve demons to perform these rituals, with Crowley killing all of them after the work was over so that none of them could help Lucifer escape<ref name="twelve17"/>, but Lucifer, with the aid of the demon [[Drexel]], was eventually able to turn the security system against Crowley, allowing him to break free of its chains.<ref>[[12.21 There's Something About Mary]]</ref>
:Lucifer is killed by [[Dean Winchester]] while possessed by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Micahel]] from Apocalypse World but apparently the [[archangel blade]] killed the archangel and not Nick, who is nursed back to health in the Bunker.<ref name="thirteen23" /><ref name="fourteen01" />The trauma from Nick's possession by Lucifer was also shown to have deeply damaged his psyche, causing Nick memory lapses about what happened to his family, as well violent tendencies such as when an agitated Nick snaps his fingers at Castiel, but does not recall doing so.
* [[John Winchester]] assents to Michael to save his wife from [[Anna]], with Michael assuring Dean that he will protect John from experiencing too much damage during his time as Michael's vessel.<ref name="five13" />

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