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Vessel/Angel Interaction
While occupying a vessel, the original consciousness of the human is suppressed, though it can come to the surface in rare instances; [[Lucifer]] allowed [[Sam Winchester]] to experience some moments of his actions when he destroyed some of the [[demon]]s that had monitored Sam during his life in an attempt to convince Sam to submit to him,<ref name="five22" /> while Jimmy Novak was at least aware of enough during his time as [[Castiel]] to recognize the Winchesters when he met them after Castiel was expelled from his body as well as knowing how to set up a salt barrier to protect his family from attacking demons.<ref name="four20" /> Hosts have also been able to regain control from the angel; when Sam and Castiel were acting as Lucifer's vessel, they were each able to at least temporarily regain control while Lucifer was still inside them, although he was able to regain control of Castiel after a few moments (Sam leapt into [[the Cage]] before Lucifer could retake control of his body).<ref name="five22" /><ref name="eleven14" /> Additionally, while possessing President [[Jefferson Rooney]], Lucifer was able to manifest himself in a dark room in Rooney's mind to hold a conversation with him in order to learn how to properly pose as Rooney. In the real world, Lucifer was facing a mirror and appeared to be talking to himself from an outside perspective.<ref name="twelve08">[[12.08 LOTUS]]</ref> During [[Crowley]]'s attempt to get Sam to expel [[Gadreel]] and later Castiel to expel Lucifer, Gadreel and Lucifer were able to manifest themselves in the form of their previous vessels to stop the attempts rather than appearing as their current vessels.<ref name="nine10" /><ref name="eleven18">[[11.18 Hell's Angel]]</ref>
Conversely, angels can also suppress themselves while in vessels, as shown when [[Gadreel]], masquerading as Ezekiel, erased Sam's knowledge of him and retreated into Sam's subconscious in order to allow them both to heal.<ref name="nine01" >[[9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here]]</ref> This was also demonstrated when Michael (from the [[Apocalypse World]]) took Dean as his vessel to fight Lucifer, Michael initially allowing Dean to control their power to confront Lucifer before he took control of Dean's body himself.<ref name="thirteen23" /> Later, Dean was able to manifest himself in a mirror to communicate with Michael in an attempt to order him out. The attempt failed and Michael quickly suppressed Dean again.<ref name="fourteen02" />
According to Castiel in his second conversation with [[Dean]], [[angel]]s are "walking among" humans for the first time in 2,000 years.<ref name="four02">[[4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester]]</ref> [[Uriel]] made a comment in the 1970's that it was against orders to manifest on Earth in a vessel.<ref name="five13" /> At least two angels have been on Earth during this period: [[Anna Milton]] and [[Gabriel]]. Anna fell, cutting out her [[grace]], and was subsequently born as a human. When she regains her grace, her body is destroyed,<ref name="four10">[[4.10 Heaven and Hell]]</ref> but is later regenerated for her to occupy as a vessel.<ref name="four16" /> If [[Gabriel]] has used the same vessel since arriving on Earth after Lucifer's fall, it must have been serving him for thousands of years. Gabriel's vessel is known to have the same outward appearance as [[Loki]] who Gabriel was masquerading as, but it is unknown how this was accomplished.<ref name="thirteen20">[[13.20 Unfinished Business]]</ref> While some angels enjoy their time on Earth in vessels, others resent it. Uriel holds disdain for humans, and [[Zachariah]] in particular, whose vessel is never identified, despises the prospect, as illustrated by the following quote:

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