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Angel Blade

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13.22 Exodus
===[[13.22 Exodus]]===
When [[Ketch]] and [[Charlie Bradbury (Apocalypse World)|Charlie Bradbury]] try to ambush an angel death squad, the "prisoner" draws an angel blade and takes Charlie hostage, revealing it to be a trap and forcing Ketch to surrender. Later, the leader of the angels tortures Ketch with an angel blade to no success before calling in [[Castiel (Apocalypse World)|Castiel]] to take over.
During the Winchesters' rescue mission, they arm themselves with angel blades. Dean quickly kills the angel leader as he stands beside Ketch while Sam and [[Mary Winchester|Mary]] kill two other angels after a short fight. After a confrontation with his alternate self, [[Castiel]] kills the Apocalypse World Castiel with an angel blade as well.
===[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]===

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