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Angel Blade

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13.13 Devil's Bargain
===[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]===
Upon encountering a [[Cupid]], [[Lucifer]] uses an angel blade to steal his [[grace]] in order to recharge his own. Over a period of time, Lucifer uses an angel blade to extract parts of [[Anael]]'s grace before allowing it to recharge and then taking more to recharge his grace faster.
In an effort to kill Lucifer while he is still weakened, [[Asmodeus]] arms [[Arthur Ketch]] with an angel blade, believing that in Lucifer's current state, an angel blade to the heart can kill him. The Winchesters and [[Castiel]] similarly arm themselves while chasing Lucifer in hopes of getting his grace to open a [[portal]] to [[Apocalypse World]], but Lucifer proves to be stronger than expected and easily beats them before Ketch drives Lucifer off with a [[demon bomb]].
===[[13.14 Good Intentions]]===

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