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Angel Blade

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==Weapon Properties==
[[File:Raphael_Angel_Blade.jpg|thumb|350px|Raphael brandishing his an angel blade.]]
The weapon could be described as a long dagger or a short sword. It can be used to kill [[angel]]s, [[demon]]s, [[hellhound]]s, [[reaper]]s, and regular [[Nephilim]] ([[Jack Kline]] being the product of an [[archangel]] makes him invulnerable to angel blades). It was revealed by [[Castiel]] that all angel blades have been touched by [[God]], whether God actually created them is unknown. An angel blade can also drain an angel of their power, as shown with Castiel when he is wounded by [[Rachel]]'s blade, which causes him to lose most of his angelic power. It is also an efficient tool for torturing an angel as shown when [[Crowley]] tortures [[Samandriel]] with one. It was shown that angel blades briefly give off a blue spark of light when they clash with one another.<ref name="six03">[[6.03 The Third Man]]</ref>

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