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1.01 Pilot

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'''John:''' Take your brother outside as fast as you can - don't look back. Now, Dean! Go!
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'''Jess:''' And where is your costume?<br>
'''Sam:''' You know how I feel about Halloween.
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[[File:Supernatural 11.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Promo poster for ''Supernatural''.]]
Early reports of Supernatural:
September 13 2004: [ A report on a new WB show in development from]
: When we started casting, we had archetypes in mind, which were Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. We were really looking for Sam to be empathetic, kind, and likeable, and really the audience surrogate. The person who the audience would most see themselves as and really carry the story through their eyes. And that required a really unique likeability. For Dean, we were looking for Han Solo. We were looking for devil-may-care, charismatic, a little rough around the edges, a little edgy, says things that are not always the kindest thing, as long as they're funny. And that was really what we started out with.
[[Image:SN05-MP-0011.jpg|right|thumb|Promo poster for Supernatural]]
January 17 2005:
[ from the Futon Critic:]
:SUPERNATURAL (The WB) - [[David Nutter]] ("Smallville") has come aboard to direct and executive produce the drama project, which has been given the green light to produce a pilot. Writer/producer [[Eric Kripke]] ("Tarzan") created the project, which is set up at [[McG]] and Stephanie Savage's Warner Bros. Television-based Wonderland Sound and Vision, and will executive produce along with Nutter, McG and Savage. "Supernatural" revolves around two brothers who travel the country hunting down supernatural beings.
* [[1.01 Pilot (transcript)]]

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