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12.14 The Raid
===[[12.14 The Raid]]===
:''Vampire:'' [[Alpha Vampire]]
As part of their American operations, the [[British Men of Letters]] begin [[Project V]], a plan to wipe out all vampires in the United States. Armed with the [[Antianti-Vamp Devicevamp device]] or AVD, the British operatives kill 230 of the 241 vampires in the Midwest Region of the United States with the remaining vampire retreating to a single nest in Wichita, Kansas. However, the deaths of so many vampires draws the attention of the [[Alpha Vampire]] who rallies the remaining Midwest vampires to strike back against the [[British Men of Letters compound]].
At the time of the vampire raid, aided by the fact that [[hunter]] [[Pierce Moncrieff]] is on the Alpha Vampire's payroll, [[Mr. Ketch]] attempts to get Dean to join the British operation by taking him to deal with the nest themselves. In the nest, the two men find a single traumatized vampire that had remained behind. Before they kill her, the vampire reveals that the rest of the nest has gone after the British operation.
When the attack begins, Sam is in the British compound BMOL mobile command as [[Mary Winchester]] was trying to entice him into joining the operation by showing Sam what they were up to. The vampires kill two British operatives and breach the compound, but Sam and Mary manage to capture the nest leader and kill another vampire. Before being killed by Mary, the vampire reveals that the Alpha Vampire is leading the raid.
Surrounded with no way to get help, Sam, Mary, [[Mick Davies]], Pierce, [[Alton Morehead]] and [[Serena Colman]] attempt to come up with a plan to defend themselves, settling on using the AVD as a bug bomb in the compound's vents. With the AVD doubtful to harm the Alpha Vampire, Mick produces [[The the Colt]], the one weapon the British Men of Letters possess that could potentially kill the Alpha Vampire. After providing Mick with the ritual to create more bullets for the Colt, Sam leads Mary and Pierce to get the AVD. Sam is delayed killing two invading vampires, leaving Pierce and Mary to get the AVD. Pierce knocks Mary unconscious, destroys the AVD and gives the Alpha Vampire the all-clear.
With Pierce's help, the Alpha Vampire penetrates the control room and kills Alton and Serena. As the Alpha Vampire attempts to threaten Mick into ending the operation, Sam and Mary return and Mary knocks Pierce out while Sam retrieves the Colt and threatens the Alpha Vampire. In the standoff that follows, Mick manages to slip Sam a bullet for the gun while Mary distracts the Alpha Vampire so that Sam can load the bullet. Sam ultimately shoots the Alpha Vampire through the head with the Colt, killing him.

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