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The Colt

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==Speculation by Fans==
The legend of the Colt has brought up a lot of speculation between the fans due to some inconsistencies with its history.
===Stopping the Bullet===
When Sam tried to use the Colt to kill her, the demon [[Tammi]] was able to stop the bullet in midair in [[3.09 Malleus Maleficarum]]. This could either suggest the bullets aren't that powerful when a demon is expecting the bullet, or perhaps a demonic [[witch]] may be able to stop a demon-killing bullet from the Colt. And if that was the case, you could also wonder if Ruby would've been able to stop the Colt's bullet as well if Sam didn't stop Dean from shooting her. Case Mis-proven: Azazel was killed by it, and he knew the bullet was in fact coming. As well, Azazel was far more powerful than Ruby, so how could she stop the bullet if Azazel could not. Dean, when he was sent into the past by Castiel in [[4.03 In The Beginning]], told Azazel that he was the one that killed him, but Azazel was skeptical and refused to believe that it was true. It can only be assumed that either John's attack weakened him to the point where he was unable to teleport out of the way or stop the bullet from hitting him or because he was in shock from discovering that what Dean told him about being the one who kills him decades ago was true and unavoidable.
===The Five Things===

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