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The Empty

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===[[13.06 Tombstone]]===
After greeting a revived Castiel, Sam and Dean are perplexed as to how he is back. Castiel tells them that he was in the Empty and that he annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he was revived. He tells them what the Empty looked like, its purpose as the final resting place for angels and demons when they die, and how he was awakened by hearing someone call his name. They eventually discover that since [[God]] has no influence in the Empty, it was [[Jack Kline]] who called out to him and inadvertently brought him back to life.
===[[14.07 Unhuman Nature]]===
A distraught [[Nick]] [[Prayer|prays]] to [[Lucifer]] after killing [[Frank Kellogg]], his prayers to be with Lucifer again cause the archangel to rise up from the black viscous void as a skeletal figure with glowing red eyes.

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